Sketch To Inks

It was originally only supposed to be a sketch but like so many things artistic, it didn’t stay that way for long. With life in general keeping me away from my laptop recently I wanted to make sure this one got the attention it deserved.

I’ll be the 1st to admit that I rip batman on how he always able to “Have a plan” for any situation. It will interesting seeing how they  bring the clash between him and the man of steel to the big screen. For the moment though i’ll leave that to one side. He is a  great character design which has evolved well over time but stayed true to the original style from years ago.

Sketch to Inks

This actually came out way better than I originally thought it would when I started.

Using a method for the 1st time was a little unsettling at 1st but after a few hours and a random audio book to listen to all was well. I managed to screen shot the process so will have a tutorial/guide in a week or so for anyone that may want to give it a go.


All in all a good day for Batman on “Or around” Batman Day!


What Kind Are You?


Some times its good to have a break.

A change of scenery can do is the world of good, especially if you spend most of your time at work like I do these days!

I love art. (Just in case your new here)
If you follow my blog you might know this already.

The feeling of creating some thing new “usually random” always put off the bigger question in front of me..
“What kind of artist am I trying to be?!”
The answer has always been “a better one than I was yesterday”

until recently…


After digging through some old boxes, I found a collection of my 2012 art work I thought I had lost. Going through the archive I slowly came to the conclusion that as the years have passed, my improvements have slowed down. Some work looking like it was completed last week instead of three years ago!

I initially felt a little deflated but then I started to see imperfections which I would never make now.

My focus had shifted from overall progress to specific elements like dynamic poses and facial expressions. Mastering these things for me at least is taking longer than it took to grasp the basics.


But back to answering my earlier question.

After taking the above content on board I think I have always been working towards becoming a comic book artist. I want to create my own graphic novels. I have the imagination and the stories roughed out so unconsciously have been working towards mastering the skills I need to put them on paper as I see them in my head.

A long answer right?

I guess more than anything this is a note to my self to remind me of the journey I have made so far and to keep my goal in perspective. As artists, our creative destinations may change for all kinds of different reasons over the years.

Keeping a primary goal in focus helps my motivation so it may work for you too. Let’s stay inspired while we continue to inspire others.

Good Morning


Make Your Own

This is what happens when you decide to upgrade your stylus to a more natural feeling pen design and the price for an “official” one comes in at over 50  bucks.

You find an alternative option. You check forums as most of the time there is some one else that has had a similar issue as yours. “No joke, it’s a fact. Go try it out for yourself…”

You come across a few threads with practical alternatives that could save you loads of money in comparison so you try them out. The worst that could happen is you loose a little instead of wasting a lot and that’s just what I did to turn my replacement stylus into a full size more comfortable to use pen!


I guess I’m sharing this to demonstrate that sometimes, there are shortcuts that ease the dent on the pocket. So when one pops up take advantage!

“Thank you and good morning all”

Pencils Died Making This

The suggestion was made in passing but the intention to challenge my self was one hundred percent real.

I set the bar as high as could with my goals and pushed as hard as could to reach them.

I have always admired artists who could  had the ability to create photo realistic art. With a firm foundation in comic book and manga styles it felt impossible to get any thing close to that but here I am…


I’ll be the 1st to admit this is not photo realistic but it’s physical proof of what is possible when you can achieve when you push beyond your known limits.

Our comfort zones can be our biggest weakness in evolving in to better versions of ourselves which will continue to evolve too I believe.

All to gain nothing to loose… Let’s grow.

When you can’t sleep… draw…


Sleep is coming as soon as you wake up… fact… Before it hits or if you ha e some juice left at the end of the day a little creative work out is never a bad thing…

Some times, before I fall asleep I get the best ideas and concepts that are forgot as soon as wake up the following  morning.

I’m SURE I am not the only one that has this happen to them….

Or am I?!

Random demon fist fighting guy… Thank you and good night…

One Step Back Two Steps Forward

Been, a few months since I have uploaded anything directly to my site. This was a combination of me being lazy and the ease of use apps such as instagram and twitter. I have always wanted to challenge and push my self to become a better artist but had began to loose sight of my goals with the pressures of live in general taking up a good chunk of my spare time.

Blue Flame

Adapt to survive. There was no other option available. With some time management readjustments, I went right back to where I started. Pencil, pad, rubber and a few good fine liners. My galleries are now updated with a few new pieces and over the coming weeks I will finally be creating a few tutorials to hopefully help some one out there.

To all the people still following me here I sincerely thank you all for sticking around. I will do my best to upload content every few days. Art, quotes and works in progress are all in the pipe line. For more frequent work flow progress please check out my page over on instagram!