Back To The Present

I present to you all… My Back to the Future poem with attached art!

Please read, enjoy and share.

When I was young I saw the 1st film it was great,
The the car flew at the the end left no debate,
The follow up was coming, the sequel would be stunning,
I’m running out the movies I can’t wait.


The follow up arrived blew me away,
The future flying cars are here to stay
Hover boards in places, Nike power laces,
Just put me in stasis till the day,

Now we are here and it’s not the same,
I’m looking stuck trying to place the blame,
No 3D shark it’s ripping me apart,
I want a refund so where do I claim?!

The year is not out yet people.

They can still deliver all the amazing thing we saw as kids!


A Devilish Work Flow

I used to set myself a daily target to complete pieces of art. As soon as it was started, I had to be finished by the end of that day. Although my work load was high the overall quality was not as good as I knew it could be.

These days I try to take my time a little more. Getting a good base sketch saves a lot of creative energy¬†“and heartache” when the time comes to commit.


I wanted to warm up on some gestures a few days ago and this was one of the few pieces I felt had some potential.


A fans over on my Google+ said this should at least be inked when I shared the sketch. With such a long time passed since I sat in front of my laptop I thought I would give it some love for a change.


Being away from digital art and the many tutorials I have used over the years I was surprised how much of it had soaked in. Using the line art with a red background instead of the usual white made this a lot easier.


Several hours in and the finish line is now in sight. Tried a few different ideas and when I found one I liked it was full steam ahead to completion.




Batman Inking Tutorial

There is almost no excuse these day to learn new things with the internet at our finger tips. I am living proof of this as I pretty much taught my self every thing I know so far to grow as an artist.

Feels good to give something back after so much time following others tips and advise.

Hopefully this will help at least one person out there.

Batman Tutorial